System Biology Award since 2009

Year Title Name Association Contact
2016 Deconstructing and constructing innate immune functions using molecular sensors and actuators Takanari Inoue Johns Hopkins Univ. (USA)
2015 “Quantitative real-time analysis of collective cancer invasion and dissemination” Andrew Ewald  Johns Hopkins Univ.
2014 Scott E. Fraser Univ. of Southern California (USA)
2013 Embryonic stem cells self-assembly model  (PDF) Yoshiki Sasai Award_Medal.jpg Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN (Japan)
2012 Bioimaging on the nanoscale: single-molecule and superresolution fluorescence microscopy  (PDF) Xiaowei Zhuang Award_Medal.jpg Harvard Univ.
2011 Receptor-mediated regulation in biology Douglas Lauffenburger Massachusetts Institue of Technology (USA)  
2010 The hidden impact of inter-individual genomic variations on cellular function Hamid Bolouri California Institue of Technology (USA)
2009 Systems approaches in molecular and cell biology: making sense out of data and providing meaning to models Olaf Wolkenhauer Univ. of Rostock (Germany) Stig Omholt and Harald Martens Norweigen Univ. of Life Sciences (Norway)