Biomedical Wellness Award since 2006

Year Title Name Association Contact
2016 Acoustic angiography: A new high frequency contrast ultrasound technique for biomedical imaging Paul Dayton The Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)
2015 Catheter ultrasound for cross-sectional imaging and drug delivery to vessel wall John Hossack Univ. of Virginia (USA)  
2014 Elisa Konofagou Columbia Univ. (USA)
2013 Low-rank modeling and its applications in medical image analysis  (PDF) Weichuan Yu Award_Medal.jpg  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
2012 Feature selection in bio-informatics  (PDF) Lipo Wang Award_Medal.jpg Nanyang Technological Univ. (Singapore)
2012 Biomedical wellness challenges and opportunities  (PDF) John Tangney Award_Medal.jpg Office of Naval Research (USA)  
2011 Smart health management technology and its applications Hiroshi Nakajima Omron Corp. (Japan)
2010 Medical diagnosis imaging systems: image and signal processing applications aided by fuzzy logic Yutaka Hata Univ. of Hyogo (Japan)
2009 Smart health management technology and its applications Takeshi Yamakawa Kyushu Institue of Technology (Japan)
2008 Unsupervised feature extraction and supervised feature selection Soo-Young Lee Korea Advanced Institue of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)