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ICA, Compressive Sampling, Wavelets, Nanoengineering, Biomedical Wellness, Systems Biology

Organized and Chairedby the Technical Award Committee Members led by Dr. Harold Szu since 1994

Since 2016 the Conference Title Changed to:

Sensing and Analysis Technologies for
Biomedical and Cognitive Applications

Co-Chaired by Dr. Liyi Dai (U.S. Army Research Office), Dr. Yufeng Zheng (Alcorn State Univ.),
Dr. Henry Chu (Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette), and Dr. Anke Meyer-Baese (Florida State University)

The Pictures of ICA-Wavelets Conference 2015 at Baltimore

The Pictures of ICA-Wavelets Conference 2014 at Baltimore

The Pictures of ICA-Wavelets Conference 2013 at Baltimore

The Pictures of ICA-Wavelets Conference 2012 at Baltimore

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Award Nomination Guidelines

This conference of human components sciences features annually frontier and pioneer awards since decades gathering of SPIE Aero-sense in Orlando and DSS in Baltimore. As now, we have six categories of human sciences and engineering:
1. Compressive Sampling & Sensing,
2. Large Data Analyses,
3. Unsupervised learning & ICA
4. Nanoengineering,
5. Biomedical Wellness Engineering, and
6. System Biology.
The nomination and selection procedure for these frontier and pioneer awards is traditionally done by the previous recipients serving as the award committee chairs, similar to other world class notable awards in science. The significance of being selected by their distinguished peers is more than a yearly honor. It is to be everlasting, serving the greater and interdisciplinary community. As you know, the DSS/STA is not unlike other symposia in your own professional careers, there are massively parallel sessions and conferences. Thus, to be effective, the recipients must do four things as follows.
(1) Giving a (low-pass, & high-pass) invited talks and Q/A panel discussion are necessary but not sufficient conditions.
(2) The recipients must publish immediately the talk material (in high-pass; not necessarily original) in the conference proceeding to reach worldwide audiences, who could not make the conferences. Moreover,
(3) Providing the presentation power-point material to the conference webmaster to build a permanent conference pictorial website for all the recipients including yours. Furthermore,
(4) the recipients act as the next nomination and selection committee chair, exploring immediately the next (two) year(s) potential candidate(s), preferably during the conference banquet/luncheon in their honor.
Please see the conference website to prepare for the nomination and selection committee for additional information and a list of past recipients. Additional information may also be found at